Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Action Group

An Action Group has been set up to fight the removal of our District Nurses from out-of-hours emergency cover, led by Rosie Curtis, West Ardnamurchan Community Council Chairman, and Jac Crosbie, WACC Secretary (see earlier post today).

This may be a long fight, so the Action Group is asking all members of the community, and anyone who knows and loves this small piece of God's earth, to help in any way you can. Immediately, please write to the author of the letter which informed us of the NHS decision, Tracy Ligema. Please point out to her the effects the loss of our two Nurses from night-time cover will have on you, on this small community, and on our many visitors.

I am aware that some of you, following last night's WACC meeting, have already written - both locals and visitors. Many, many thanks.

Tracy Ligema, who is Locality General Manager (Lochaber) can be contacted at:

Fort William Health Centre
Fort William
PH33 7AQ

or at tracy.ligema@nhs.net


  1. Email written and sent in protest and disgust! Good luck with the campaign - we are always up for sending emails etc... anything to help!

  2. Also sent email , although I am just a visitor very willing to sign a petition and write to MSP etc if necessary....haven't had a reply to my email yet!