Wednesday, 8 December 2010

There's a Lot in a Name

We're looking for a name for our campaign. The best the Diary has seen so far, suggested by Gael and Gillespie Cameron, is SWARMS - Save West Ardnamurchan's Remote Medical Services.

Any other suggestions gratefully received.


  1. Replacing "remote" with "region" or "regional" might make it sound slightly less "jammed-in".

    But beware of anthropomorphising the campaign - it's good to have a memorable acronym for a name, but I can already hear MPs' secretaries saying "it's that SWARMS lot droning on again". Sorry not to be more positive at this stage.

  2. Following up my previous comment, I note from the Lochaber News piece that "remote" is the term used by the NHS, so it looks like it is the right word after all. I stand corrected.