Saturday, 4 December 2010

Playpark Update

The ups and downs of the Playpark project continue. We have had a closer look at the work needed on site and made some amendments to the design.

The corner nearest to the Community Centre is too boggy to be developed so it will be left as a 'bog garden', and the main work focused over the rest of the site. This increases the biodiversity appeal of the project and, we hoped, would reduce the cost of work required. The tender for the contract has gone out however. Six companies tendered and the cost estimates have come back a bit higher than we had expected.

So the fundraising continues! We have won £5,000 from the Landfill Communities Fund which focuses on projects that increase the natural biodiversity of land near to landfill sites. We have another two funding applications to hear back on this year and a further one in January, plus two other funders with application deadlines early next year.

Community fundraising is still steaming on with Tommy Angus raising well over £2,000 running the Loch Ness marathon in October. Thank you Tommy for such a massive effort!!!! Jacquie Chapple organised a second fabulous fund-raising dinner at the Community Centre, again in aid of the Playpark, this time with the help of the folks at the Community Garden. It was a great night once again, the food was spectacular and made all the more special knowing that so much of it was grown or produced locally. Thanks to all who donated their time and produce and to those who attended. I hear that over £900 was raised on the night. Thanks also to the staff at the Lighthouse who kindly donated all their tips for the season to the fund!

Along with Helen Ferguson we are planning a Burns night at Kilchoan Community Centre on Saturday 29th January, so put the date in your diary and watch this space for further details in the New Year.

On another positive note, four hundred and twenty native saplings, including birch, hazel, blackthorn, oak, hawthorne and rowan trees, all from the Woodland Trust, arrived a couple of weeks ago and have been heeled in to a spare bed in the Community Garden until the Playpark site is ready for them to be transplanted. Thanks to Rich, Ritchie and Gael for their help.

The next stage is to source some of the natural materials required, including both timber and stone. We are hoping to get the timber needed from the Sunart Oakwoods Company but we are appealing to anyone in the Kilchoan and surrounding areas who may have suitable rocks or boulders on their land that we could use, or if you can suggest places to look, to please let us know. In particular we are looking for

· for the stepping stone spiral – flat face boulders (diameter 0.5 to 1 metre, flat face at least 20cm diameter)

· for the ‘henge’ houses or huts – large flat boulders for walls and roof (the uprights should allow at least 1m headroom; capstone needs to be 2m x1m)

· for the dry stone walled seating area and bridge – uncoursed random rubble or dry stone suitable for rubble or dry stone walling

· Sharp faced contrasting stone (10 to 20cm in diameter)

· Rounded gravel

If you can help, or would like further information on the project contact Rosie (01972 510754) or Jac (01972 510304). Donations can still be made on the Playpark website here.

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