Monday, 27 December 2010

Water Supply Problems

The water is off again in much of Kilchoan. There appears to be a problem up at the water treatment works which has caused the plant to shut down.

The engineers are, once again, on their way. Robert, who is in charge, has been down every day over the holiday trying to sort out our problems, so he deserves our grateful thanks - also for driving round distributing bottled water last night.

Further supplies of bottled water have been left at the Ferry Stores, and more is on its way from Fort William.


  1. There are also bursts in the Lochaline area, Arisaig and other Lochaber locations, Robert has been sent to Lochaline and another team are now working in the area. SW said it would be helpful for residents to check on any unoccupied homes (of which there are many), this may solve some of the problems, however, there remains problems at the local works where there are numerous bursts. Happy days!

  2. Many thanks for the information. Robert has certainly done a wonderful job for us out here, and we are very grateful to him.

    The story in the village is that one of the tanks is cracked and some of the valves damaged - presumably by the severe frosts we've had over the last few weeks. These will require extensive repairs, though I understand some of the valves will be dealt with today.

    There is some bottled water at the Ferry Stores but not enough. We are hoping for more to arrive soon.

  3. A pallet and a half of water has now (12.30pm) arrived at the shop for distribution through the village.

  4. I feel for you all. We are still without water (since 24th) and not sure when engineers will get out to us either!

  5. Water came on again at 12 midday, much to the relief of all - particularly Cliff at the Kilchoan Hotel who has a well-supported Quiz Night tonight and was afraid he would have to cancel.

    Our sympathies to you, Sian. Hope you get your water back on soon.