Saturday, 25 December 2010

Winter Visitor & Happy Christmas

It rained last night, and then it hailed; then, as dawn broke, it rained and hailed again. Later the sun came out and this small world of ours was flooded in light....

....into which this small and quite stunning bird appeared.

The Diary was driving down the road past Craigard when it stepped into the road to stop the car. Once it was quite sure it had our full and undivided attention, it flew into a nearby bush and posed for us, turning first one way, then the other, and allowing us to approach to within feet to take its picture - all with good reason, for this has plumage like no other British bird.

A Very Happy Christmas to

All Our Readers.


  1. it's a spotvogel ,thats the name we give to this beautyfull bird ( in Flanders ). The like cranberries ,sometimes thye come wihte 100 a the same time ,but most of the time you not can see them,only in extrem wheather condisions

  2. Hi Jon, I think this is a Waxwing,they winter in our warmer climate and are fond of berries like rowan and cotoneaster.I spotted some in my garden one winter,stunning.