Friday, 10 December 2010

Campaign Update, Day 4

The following have been done:

Letters have gone from WACC to Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon

Our local MSP, and all Regional MSPs, are being made aware of the situation

We have the full support of Michael Foxley, our local Highland Councillor

A formal complaint has been raised with NHS Scotland's Complaints Team.

We have written to NHS Highland asking for a full cost benefit analysis of the proposed change, and requesting other data upon which they should have based their decisions - such as the number of out-of-hours emergencies attended by the nurses during the last year, and their outcomes.

The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman is being made aware of our problem, though we understand that his office cannot take up our case yet

We have had articles published on the front pages of 'The Oban Times' and 'Lochaber News'

A team of supporters is contacting every person on West Ardnamurchan to urge them to write personally to Alex Salmond

An e-petition is being raised with the Scottish Parliament - but please bear with us as this may take a further week or so

At ground level, a small Action Group - Rosie Curtis, Jac Crosbie and Jon Haylett - is co-ordinating the efforts of many activists around West Ardnamurchan, each of whom has specific responsibilities, to whom we extend our sincere thanks

Lastly - many, many thanks for the tremendous support we are receiving from those of you outwith the peninsula. We are particularly grateful to those who have written in with concrete suggestions as to what paths we should pursue.

Much remains to be done, but what we would like to feel is that those at NHS Highland who believed that they could railroad this through the people of West Ardnamurchan and their friends are beginning to realise that they have made a monumental error.

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