Thursday, 16 December 2010

Build Your Own Wind Turbine

Once again, that dynamic institution, the University of Kilchoan, has come up with a wonderful idea for a course – build your own wind turbine.

If you've seriously considered going over to green energy but have been put off by the cost of one of these machines, here's an opportunity to have one at a very reasonable cost, and have the satisfaction of installing it yourself.

The course would probably be scheduled for late summer or early autumn 2011, would last for 5 days, and would cost about £250 a head. Pat Glenday, Chancellor of the University, has said that she is pretty confident that it would be eligible for ILA, which would leave students with £50 to pay.

The course would be run by Hugh Piggott. To check out his ideas, go to his website here. Also, searching for 'Hugh Piggott Scoraig' in Google brings up other references and Hugh's blog.

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