Sunday, 26 December 2010

Water Problems

Kilchoan has water problems along, it seems, with many other places in Scotland. The water went off late on Christmas Eve but the Scottish Water engineers got it back again for most of Christmas Day. Last night it went off again around midnight and hasn't come back on, though the engineers are looking for the problem. Lower-lying areas like Pier Road have a trickle, higher places, like this end of Ormsaigbeg and Glebe Hill, have none.

A truck is bringing bottled water into the village, and should be at the Community Centre some time around midday. The engineers will then turn off parts of the village to see if they can isolate the leaks. There have been many - including the church, a house in Pier Road, and a caravan - and there are likely to be more as the thaw sets in.


  1. We're having water problems too but our engineers disappeared before Christmas and won't be out again before Monday! We've had lots of bottle water delivered, but not good for farmers who are over-wintering stock in byres. Amazing how reliant we are on water coming out of a tap!

  2. Our engineers have done a great job over the holiday trying to get the supply back on. They are supposed to be working on our system this afternoon, turning the village off section by section to try to find the leaks. I know of at four they've already found, two in Pier Road, the Parish Church, and a caravan. They are hoping to have most people back with water by this evening.

    Still no sign of any bottled water, though I understand there's plenty at Portuairk.