Thursday, 7 August 2014

West Ardnamurchan Community Development Company

The West Ardnamurchan Community Development Company, which helped deliver the highly successful Kilchoan Playpark, has organised an open meeting next Tuesday to discuss ideas for future projects.  There have already been some suggestions.  These include -

  • A marina
  • A new shop
  • A community minibus

One possibility is to appoint a Development Officer to find funding for, and push through projects which the community wants.  The Development Officer would have to obtain grants so he/she was self-funding, at least for the first year.  Another option is to do nothing.

Please come along to express your views and help make decisions at the Kilchoan Community Centre next Tuesday, 12th August, at 7.30pm.

Picture shows marina at Tobermory.

1 comment:

  1. Why would we want a community shop? It would put the present local shop - which has tried for many years to serve local people - out of business.Would a community shop be able to sell the same range of goods/run the Post Office/maintain costly petrol pumps? The present shop is not perfect and it is expensive, but it is really useful.

    If the community shop is going to be anything like the community garden, I would say that it would be for rich, retired incomers only. Re the community garden sales, I don't want veg boxes/bags - I like to choose what I purchase. And as an ordinary working person, I can't afford veg bag prices, anyway. The only times I have travelled all the way to Sonachan for a special occasion to try to purchase community garden produce, I've been met by yellowed, stale, stinking broccoli and wilted salad at Waitrose prices. That was last year; I have not bothered to go back. Perhaps things are better now ....

    Re the minibus, I think our energies would be better directed trying to make the local regular, council-subsidised Shiel Bus service more suitable to local needs. That is the one that is routinely relied upon by local people without their own transport; a community bus would be a luxury on top. The 'two shopping bags per person' rule still applies on Shiel Buses. I would like to see Shiel Bus management try to fit a week's family shopping into two shopping bags.

    By these comments, I mean no criticism at all of Martin, our new and excellent Shiel Bus driver. He puts up with amazingly difficult driving conditions with great kindness and good humour.