Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sunny August

Since Saturday, we've had grey skies and more than our fair share of Kilchoan sunshine.  This weather makes the small birds more than a little peckish, so any grain that's put out is rapidly consumed by a hoard of chaffinches, house sparrows, dunnocks, yellowhammers and blackbirds.  The more dainty eaters, such as the redpolls, don't stand a chance.

Yesterday saw some fairly brisk winds to go with the spring tides.  The rainfall totals are depressing: in the 24 hours after 8am, we had 27mm on Sunday, 22mm on Monday, and 8mm so far today.

The butterflies are having a pretty thin time.  They haven't been around in great numbers this year, and time is running out on them as some of their favourite shrubs, like the buddleia, are almost over their flowering.  This peacock was photographed on ling at Camas nan Geall on Saturday.

Never mind, the forecast for tomorrow is for some real sun.

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