Sunday, 31 August 2014

Walking Weather

This was the view at the front of the house just before the earthquake struck this morning, holding all the promise of a fine day.  The weather forecast predicted a bright morning but increasing cloud by mid-afternoon so, shortly after nine....

....we set off for the hills to the east of Achnaha, hoping to see more of this year's wonderful bloom of heather.  But by this time, half past ten, the sky had begun to cloud over and, shortly afterwards.... we passed to the north of the abandoned township of Glendrian, the rain came, blowing in sheets and obscuring what would have been a wonderful view.

After some hesitation, we decided to press on, and, as we walked....

....the rain passed and the sky brightened.  This picture looks across what the OS map labels as Glen Drian, half a kilometre or so the the northeast of the township, with the small burn called the Allt Mhic Cailein running through it, and the summit of Meall an Fhir-eoin beyond.

Upstream, flickers of sun began to move across the landscape, and.... the time we passed Glendrian township again on our way home, a pool of bright sunshine was picking out its green fields.

Approaching the flat land to the northeast of Achnaha, the sun was setting fire to the heather.  This year's display must be one of the best for some time and looks as if it has a few weeks yet to run.

When we arrived home shortly before one, the clouds had cleared and we were back to the perfect day the weather forecast had promised us - and to the news that, in Kilchoan, it had hardly rained at all.

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