Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Black Beetle

Can anyone identify this monster?  Fortunately, he's only about 25mm long and lives up the side of a remote hill in the centre of Ardnamurchan.  Despite spending some time trying to find him on the internet, I'm not even sure whether he's a beetle or a weevil.


  1. This is a beetle of the carabid group which comprises the tigers and ground beetles. It is not the violet garden beetle we are all familiar with which has that beautiful violet hue. The tufts of brown hair on the outer sides of the second pair of legs, crackle-paint finish and lack of violet colouration lead me to suggest Carabus coriaceus.

  2. Hi Derryck - Brilliant! Many thanks for the identification. I have to say that, in my searches, it did seem closest to the violet beetle but I couldn't find an exact match. I note that it's found in deciduous and mixed forests. This one was half way up Beinn na h-Imeilte! Jon