Monday, 4 August 2014

Ancient Burial Cairn Identified

A group from Ardnamurchan Community Archaeology spent this morning with Paul Murtagh of Archaeology Scotland who had kindly given his time to identifying some of the many finds the group has made over the last couple of years.  Picture shows Paul at a site near Camas nan Geall which he has identified as a Bronze Age burial cairn.  It's likely to be some 2,500 years old, or more, and may contain a cist or burial urn.

At a second site, at Sanna, Paul was unable to identify the three stone structures we'd found.  Far from being disappointed, we're excited about this, and hope to do more research which may lead to a better understanding of this unusual site.

Paul is part of the Ardnamurchan Transitions team who are currently working at Swordle Bay.
Many thanks to Paul for giving us so much of his time.

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