Friday, 22 August 2014

Renovation of the 'Sir Ernest Shackleton'

Many of you will recognise this picture of the 'Sir Ernest Shakleton', the boat in which Trevor Potts, who runs the Ardnamurchan Campsite, followed the great voyage undertaken by Shackleton from  Antarctica to South Georgia.  For some time the boat has been propped up at the campsite but now it's on the move.

Stephen Scott-Fawcett FRGS, co-ordinator at Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, of the 'Shackleton Boat Project (2014)' has sent the Diary these pictures of the boat now under a major refurbishment in the big sheds at Caim. Stephen has been liaising with Trevor for the past three years in connection with his generous gifting of the boat to the Polar Museum at SPRI. Stephen has visited Kilchoan each year during this period of time to progress the renovation of Trevor's famous little craft and to tie up plans in Cambridge.
Trevor now has a team working on the boat, including Ian Cargill, who has worked on the Ardnamurchan Distillery pagodas and Visitor Centre, who is renovating some of the woodwork.

As well as Trevor - sitting on the boat - and Ian, the team includes Ross (left) and Graeme Stafford (right) of the Peat Bog Faeries, who are doing the painting, all, of course....

....under close supervision.

The intention is to transport the boat to Cambridge in early to mid-October, where it will be on permanent display to the public outside the Institute building in Lensfield Road, Cambridge. There will be a permanent display board erected beside the boat - which will be under a protective canopy and fully-masted - telling the story of Trevor's 'In the Wake of Shackleton' expedition of 1993/4, and the incredible story of Shackleton's original sea voyage in 1916.

Many thanks to Stephen for background & pictures.


  1. Trevor, great to hear your boat and your journey in the 90's will continue to inspire many more people. Ian. (armchair explorer)

  2. Trevor we visited your campsite in 2010 from Australia. I was fascinated by The Sir Ernest Shackleton sitting behind the campsite and am glad it is now being restored and getting its true recognition. Regards