Sunday, 10 August 2014

Living with Wildlife

The robin has decided to move in with us.  He now comes indoors to remind us he needs feeding, and....

....he joins us on the upper terrace in the evenings to share an oatcake.  But his privileged position is threatened by two other robins which have been watching him and, being robins, learning very quickly.  They've been approaching more and more closely, until he's obliged to chase them away.

We were joined yesterday on the terrace by a slow worm, basking in the last of the day's warm sunshine.  They're so used to us that they only move very reluctantly when we approach.

We've been watching this thrush in the garden.  He doesn't join the rabble on the bird feeders but uses the rocks and the paving slabs as anvils on which to smash open the snails he catches.  It was the glass of the conservatory door that was his undoing.  So sad....

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