Sunday, 3 August 2014

Regatta Photos

This year's regatta was covered by professional photographer Hamza Yassin.  While Hamza's usual subjects are wildlife - he's currently taking photographs on the Ardnamurchan Estate - he took some superb pictures at regatta.

Here's one, of the ladies canoe singles, which shows Katie and Lauren Gane, and Rachael Haylett, while....

....this shows the ultimate winner of the Raft Race, the Gane Galleon.

Hamza has loads of pictures - if you're interested, contact him at

While out paddling this morning, we surprised this young man at work in his creel boat.  He was missing from regatta this year - his absence was particularly noted from the Raft Race and the beer tent - but he was at work, so he says.  Not even this gift of two cans of Fosters, left in his dinghy, could tempt him ashore, though he's very grateful to whoever bought them.

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  1. Great gentleman Hamza, takes fantastic pics, he took some of us swimming whilst up there in august...hope to see him again for more aquatic adventures in December :)