Monday, 25 August 2014

Heather Display East of Ockle

We walked to the east of Ockle yesterday, along the path to Gortenfern.  These pictures were all taken within half a mile of Ockle, and they show the magnificent display on the north side of the road, in this case looking across to Eigg and Rum.

In places, the landscape is a rolling sea of colour and, in the present sunny weather, it seems to burn. It's a wonderful, if short-lived display, well worth a few minutes' walk from the little car part in Ockle.

The heather - most of the display at the moment is ling - doesn't grow everywhere.  There are places where there appears to be no heather, and it certainly doesn't survive where the bracken has taken over.  But, given the chance, it'll even grow in profusion along the centre of the trackway.

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