Friday, 15 August 2014

Sanna Whale

Many thanks to Sue Cheadle who has sent the Diary these pictures of what may be a minke whale washed up on the beach at Sanna.

While flotsam like this is always interesting, the prospect of this rotting on the beach in any hot weather we may have coming isn't attractive.


  1. Are those multiple bite marks in the flank of the upper photograph? They may be natural irregular degradation but there do seem to be signs that the form translates into the sub flesh. Is the bite signature recognisable? A large carrion feeding shark perhaps?

  2. Wheres its other welly, ive never heard of a one legged whalw before!


  3. I hope it is moved sooner than the other one which was there for 18 months ? Whos responsibility is it to remove it ? Is it the land owner Graham who says he owns all of Sanna including the beach ? As it is a health hazard I think volunteers should get together and maybe bury it as it is not very pleasant for children to play near.

  4. Has anyone reported it to the whale strandings officer? They like to take tissue samples and measurements