Thursday, 21 August 2014

Piglet Invasions

Betsy's eight piglets, which are supposed to be held by an electric fence in an enclosure in the field opposite our house, are now almost permanently on the loose.  The other day they were in Trevor Potts' Ardnamurchan Campsite, frightening the visitors' children and dogs.

Recently, they've taken to creeping up through the long grass....

....making a dash across the road, and then trying to get under the front gate into our precious garden.  This morning, one of them had half-pushed himself through when....

....Hughie came past in his pickup and, knowing this was breakfast arriving, the piglets made off, followed by the Diary's shouts of, "I'll sue....  I'll sue...." which, as usual, Hughie ignored.


  1. Jon if you look in the third picture there are 9 piglets & when I saw them in the flesh so to speak I counted 9

  2. It just gets worse! Eight was bad enough, but now they're multiplying....

  3. jon , we have just come home after two weeks staying at Achosnich , we are sure Hughie was round at Sanna on his digger , digging deep ditches which we think will go right round to Kilchoan so the pigs can roam free and Hughie will be in command of it all !!!! all the best to the diary and Hughie.

  4. There can be no other explanation for those ditches.