Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sanna Frustration

A westerly was blowing this morning bringing a light swell onto the beaches at Sanna, where we walked early as the forecast was for rain before midday.

Late February is a quiet time along the shore, with the main interest the few birds which are winter residents....

....such as the small flocks of ringed plovers, the cheerful, chattery oystercatchers, the gulls, and....

....the occasional great northern diver out in one of the bays.

All of them are well aware of anyone approaching so, unless one stalks them very carefully, they're up and away before a good picture can be taken, even with a camera that offers a x25 zoom.  As a result pictures tend to be distant ones, on full zoom, and heavily cropped - so they end up grainy.

It's one of the compromises one has to make with the equipment one chooses to carry. My Panasonic FZ200 is reasonably light and portable for long walks, and capable of everything from wide scenes to 1cm macro images, but the result.... intense frustration when a distant shot of what looked, at the time, to be two slightly moth-eaten oystercatchers turns out to be the first turnstones we've seen in a long time.

Stewart Pote

Stewart Pote died last Tuesday.

There will be a celebration of Stewart's life next Saturday, 4th March, starting at 12 midday at the New Graveyard.

Those attending are asked to wear bright clothes.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Ormsaigbeg View

After a fairly brisk night, with a westerly blowing and some heavy rain, today has been warm and, at times, sunny, so we walked up the back of our house this afternoon into the common grazings, from where this picture was taken looking across Ormsaigbeg and Kilchoan Bay to Ben Hiant.

A Visit in February

Mid-February may not seem the ideal time for a visit to the west coast of Scotland and Ardnamurchan in particular but Sue, who is a regular visitor through the year, chose her week carefully and was rewarded with some brilliant winter weather.

This is the foghorn at Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse, a busy place in summer but I would be surprised if Sue saw anyone there.

It's also a great month for red deer. While stalking continues on the hinds, the stag season is over so they're less nervy, and have yet to lose their antlers.

The Ardnamurchan Estate cattle look picturesque in the warm light of this shot but anyone who has driven this road in a hurry and met one of the herds will know that it is of little use trying to push past them.

On a clear day in February, the low sun and often crystal-clear air are magic for anyone with a camera. This is Camas nan Geall with Mull in the distance.

Many thanks to Sue for the photos.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Knot's Landing

This small wader, a knot, exhausted after flying upwind against a gusty force 5, stopped to take a rest on a sunny rock before....

....flying down to join its companion who was feeding on the wet rocks below.

 It obviously wasn't too happy about the spot chosen but....

....finally began to feed - at which point the companion saw what was coming....

....and made good its escape.