Tuesday, 1 September 2015

In a Green World

"Stop bothering me! Can't you see I'm enjoying my lunch?"


Moonrise over Ben Hiant last night, picture taken at 10.30.

Some People Get Good Shots!

Les Humphreys took these pictures from his lounge window. The photographer was there over half an hour. Les writes, "I think this was the dog otter. The female and cub were a bit further out."
Les adds, "Camouflage obviously works!"
Many thanks, Les, for the pictures.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Luncheon al Fresco

The wind went round into the north today and we began our belated summer. The north is always our best wind direction for fine weather, and it's forecast to stay there, but the temperature isn't high - a mere 19C today. Despite that, it was so warm out of the wind and in the sun that....

....we took lunch on the front terrace in Mediterranean style, starting with fresh salad from the garden and washing it down with white and red French wines, while we....

....watched the ships pass in the Sound of Mull. That's the cruise ship Azores anchored off Tobermory, with the sailing ship Lady of Avenel, the well boat Ronja Atlantic and, to the left, one of the Maclean creel boats out of Tobermory.

Charming the Birds

Some birds don't know when they're on to a good thing. This herring gull landed on Cruachan lawn yesterday evening but, when we arrived, seemed to be spurning the chunks of brown bread which Alasdair was throwing to it.

The local gulls aren't like city gulls, pushy and obnoxious creatures which build their nests in people's chimneys, so tend to keep their distance from humans, but it rapidly became apparent that this one had a problem - a damaged or deformed right leg. Yet it still spurned the bread.

Finally, it began to feed, much to Alasdair's obvious pleasure. "I've always been good at attracting birds," he explained.