Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Archaeological Discoveries

Members of Ardnamurchan Community Archaeology were out in the area to the north of Achnaha yesterday looking at a cairn which had been spotted on a previous expedition.  It's located in the gap in the hills marked with an arrow.

The cairn is unusual in that it's about 6m long, about 1.5m wide, and .5m high, and is aligned facing down the little glen on the Achnaha side.  The view from it is superb, looking across the wide area of land called Glendrian Moss to the hills on the opposite side of the volcanic ring complex - just the sort of place someone who lived locally might have wanted to be buried.

On our way to the site we stumbled across the remains of a small settlement - we've passed the spot many times before and failed to notice it.  It's on a platform of land right beside the ford on the track that runs from Achnaha to Plocaig, and....

....consists of the remains of three buildings, two of which must have been fairly substantially made of stone.  This could be an example of an isolated farmstead, though dating it will be difficult.  It's not marked on William Bald's map of 1806, yet the corners of the buildings are square, which suggests a more recent date.

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