Friday, 15 August 2014

Lost Quadcopter

While the archaeologists of the Ardnamurchan Transitions Project were here recently they deployed a new machine, a quadcopter, which they used to photograph sites from above.  It flew a very successful mission at Camas nan Geall, finding a number of features which hadn't been seen before but, when they used it at Swordle, it lost the control signal and flew off in the direction of the forestry around the headwaters of the Allt Sordail, approximately along the line shown.

It has a black body and red rotors, and may have flown for up to 15 minutes - so it could have gone far further.  If anyone finds it, please let The Diary know.


  1. I think i may have seen about 5.30pm. I was standing at the goat shed...looking East. I saw what I thought was a weird Mini-helicopter flying South...heading quite low towards the westerly face of Ben Hiant. Is it possible that this is the quadcopter?

  2. My timing could be a little out of whack...sometime between 5 and 6pm to be on the safe side.