Sunday, 10 August 2014

Escape to High Ground

Maybe Hughie's piglets knew what was coming when they made a mass break-out from their run this morning.  This is them heading along the road towards our front gate, our verdant vegetable garden, and high ground.

It had begun to rain this morning, the remnants of hurricane Bertha, but by late afternoon we were being hammered by a tropical downpour which flooded roads - this is the approach to Kilchoan - and....

....collected in every low point, like people's drives.  This is Gleshven Cottage, with the hill called Glas Bheinn rising behind it.  The burn roaring down Glas Bheinn's slopes only runs after heavy rain and is a good barometer of how much we've had.

Water runs off quickly from the hills into the small burns which, in turn, fill the bigger burns.  This is the Millburn, at the bridge one crosses before the straight that leads to the Ferry Stores, almost bank full.

In the twelve hours since 8.00am this morning we've had some 27mm of rain.

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