Tuesday, 19 August 2014


This is a rare visitor to our garden, a female blackcap.  Since we've been living at this end of Ormsaigbeg, some eight years now, we've only seen one once before, and that was a male who was here in winter.  He shouldn't have been: most blackcaps migrate to equatorial Africa around September and don't come back until the spring.

Are there any blackcaps down the Raptor's end of the village?  He was saying that he had hundreds of bullfinches when we had none.  Now we have hoards too - this one was pictured shortly after the blackcap this morning.  Or maybe it's one of the same pair we saw before, who have taken up permanent residence.


  1. Beautiful photograph of the Blackcap, Jon. Is she feeding on Bilberrys?

  2. I stayed at Achnosnich last week on holiday and a male blackcap visited the garden much to my delight

  3. Sorry, Derryck, a bit slow in replying. I think the berry is tutsan, which is a bit surprising.

    Maybe the male belongs with our female and has got lost.