Friday, 18 August 2017

Thank You!

Thank you for all the very generous comments and good wishes which have appeared on recent posts. I wish I had time to respond individually but our days are filled with the wearying task of packing up our possessions and making sure we leave the house in reasonable order.

It has been a great pleasure writing this blog, the more so when I have known that there are people 'out there' who have enjoyed it. It is truly sad to close it, but it will continue, all being well, until the 29th.


  1. All the best in your new home

  2. Will you be returning for holidays? 😎

  3. Hi Jon, I'd just like to add my thanks to all the others. I have thoroughly enjoyed the blog, it's offered a small bit a escapism every day, very much appreciated.
    Best wishes to you and your family going forward.
    Garry Fenley

  4. Thankyou.
    It was because of your blog that we decided to pay Kilchoan a week long visit in May this year. We came across it while searching for a quiet place in Scotland and having been to a few places, this looked perfect. I still look in most days and will miss seeing the photo's and stories of the various places. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place and best wishes for the future.

  5. Hi Jon, I just wanted to wish you all the best for the future and thank you for entertaining us with your blog over the last few years. Our family started visiting Ardnamurchan in the 60s and have returned every year since and I know the whole family, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. read the Kilchoan Diary. It's always something we can talk about when we meet up. We have enjoyed reading about Hughie's pigs, the birds in your garden, archaeology, auroras and watching Mingary castle change from a ruin to upmarket accommodation (among others). Reading the diary gave us the confidence to make the move into the area and we are moving into our house in Ardgour at the end of the month. I am sad the diary is ending but truly wish you all the best with your move and for the future. Thank you, Jo Herron

  6. Really going to miss this blog. All the very best in your new home.

  7. Just to say thanks,Jon,for keeping us in touch with an area we love. We'll miss you. All the very best for the future. Steve and Sandy (Manchester)

  8. Dear Jon
    It was with great sadness that I read your wonderful Kilchoan Diary will soon be closed, and part of my daily routine will disappear. It has given so much pleasure to see Ardnamurchan through the year, to read of your walks, nature's treats, goings-on in the area, and just to see the sheer stunning beauty of the area (and creatures) through your photographs.
    The information and photographs of natural history and the important historical information that you have highlighted have given such pleasure, and helped to retain a special link with a favourite area.
    An enormous sincere thank you for your stunning contributions - so much appreciated.
    With very best wishes for your move and the future to you and your wife.
    Maggie Pridgeon

  9. It is sad to hear that your blog is to close, it has been a pleasure to read, it has also been a great pleasure to have known you and your family, you will be missed,... I wish you all the very best for the future,...take care
    Stuart Gardner

  10. Your blog has been a joy to read! All the best in your new home!