Monday, 14 August 2017


We've been away for a very pleasant long weekend in Inverness where we were particularly impressed with the food in the two restaurants we patronised, but it was good to be welcomed as we returned along the road above Camas nan Geall by this magnificent sea eagle wheeling high above.

We're always told that we haven't missed much during any absence but, as usual, it takes a couple of days before one starts to discover the news.

The weather's a bit grey but not too thick to hide the parade of ships that pass us. This is the Nordnes outward bound from the super-quarry at Glensanda. The AIS/MT site gives her destination as Edradour, a place I had never heard of but which sounds suitably foreign - only for Google to tell me that it's a distillery near Pitlochry. I can't imagine what they want with some 20,000 tonnes of aggregate, nor how the Nordnes is going to navigate the Tay.


  1. Hi Jon, Edradour is apparently a Gas Field NW of the Shetlands.

    Nordnes is probably dropping stone to cover a pipeline I reckon.

  2. Many thanks to Doug who writes, "Not sure about this voyage, but recently Nordnes has been taking stone from Glendsanda for the Western Link Undersea cable. See

    I know she has been dropping stone just South of the Isle of Man. It's a massive project and the stone protects the cable lying on the sea bed in areas where the sea bed is hard so not allowing the cable to be buried."