Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A Celebration

I bought a digital camera in July 2006. For a long time pictures steadily accumulated in the photo library until there were getting on for 8,000, a number which I tried not to exceed, without success. I now have something like 12,000 pictures of Western Ardnamurchan, so the closing posts of the Diary will be a celebration of this beautiful area using some of those pictures.

This photo, taken in January, shows the view across the Sound of Mull from the gate opposite the entrance to 'Ben Hiant'.


  1. I'm sorry to read you will be closing this blog. I was only just becoming familiar with it. I've enjoyed your photos and text. Hopefully you will start a new blog one day - in your new location?

  2. All good things come to an end, as they say and this has been a good thing. Instructive, beautiful, accurate, fun, humorous, addictive. But with 8000 photographs still in your camera, that's nearly 22 years of daily posts :)

  3. Dear Jon,
    I have greatly enjoyed all of the Diary's posts over the last few years. Having spent some of my happiest times next door but one many of your photos share the aspect I had as a younger lad.
    I'd like to thank you for keeping me up to date with all things Kilchoan and keeping it alive in my heart and mind despite being a world away.
    I wish you and your family all the best for the future.

  4. The top of my news bookmarks for the pure quality brought in. Well done.

  5. I am sure your many regular followers will miss the interesting daily update on your Kilchoan Blog.
    We used to come to Ardnamurchan regularly from about 1970 first staying at the Sinclair family's Resipole farm camp site. Later we enjoyed many holidays self catering in Portuairk coming up regularly twice a year. My last visit was in 2012, sadly I now find the 600 mile journey too much.
    However my four children still come to Kilchoan and Portuairk so we did something right making them endure that overnight journey as young children.
    Following your blog daily has kept alive the memories of a very special place.
    I wish you and Mrs Diary well in your new home, I hope you will have a long and happy retirement in the new surroundings.

  6. I hope that the blog can be left in place for a while for others could learn much from it.

  7. Good luck to you and Mrs Diary Jon. I was secretly hoping it would take you 5 years to sell your house. Not sure what I'll do without my daily update from Kilchoan.

  8. Jon thanks for the years of the daily diary,it's the first thing I look at each evening. We are up to the ardnamurcham in September,it is our ninth year. We shall miss your articles & pictures. All the best to you & misses diary for the future. Terry & Carol.

  9. We have greatly enjoyed following your blog since a visit to Ardnamurchan in 2013, on the trail of our ancestors. We wish you all the best in your new home, and thank you again for all your work in keeping the wider community up to date on all the local Kilchoan news.
    Miriam (Dublin)

  10. John
    i look at this most weeks when I'm working abroad to bring back the very, very fond memories of Mingary castle, and all the fun and hard work that went into it.
    I loved the Mingary blog after i left, just to make me feel as though i was still there.
    All you have posted have all been interesting, thought provoking and dam right entertaining.
    I wish you and Mrs Haylett, both very well in your new adventure in life, take care and thank you for the blog. I for one will sorely miss it just to keep up with a great chapter in my life that i loved and will never forget!!!!
    Nic Smith