Wednesday, 2 August 2017

A Snorkel at Sanna

This morning, Sanna could have been mistaken for the Caribbean (not that I've been to the Caribbean, but I've drooled over enough photos on Instagram to be able to make a comparison).

Up bright and early, before the summer crowds massed to the beach, we set off with our snorkels in the hope of seeing what goes on beneath the brilliant blue.

Flippers fitted, and masks adjusted, we swam around one of Sanna Bay's lovely little islands, watching crabs skitter along the sea floor and fish dart into the kelp forests which were swaying with the waves. The water was wonderfully clear, and we wished we had gills instead of lungs, not wanting to surface for air and leave this magical world behind.

Fancy a snorkel at Sanna yourself? A couple of safety tips...
- Have a float with you, so other water users can clearly see you
- Don't snorkel alone. Have a buddy so you can watch out for one another
- Be aware of tides, the weather forecast and your own fitness before venturing too far into the deep.

Many thanks to David McHaffie for being my buddy, and Seonaid Canning for the photos.

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  1. beautiful. we are looking forward to exploring a bit of Ardnamurchan in a few weeks.