Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Moving On

Our house is sold and we expect to be moving on at the end of the month.

After 21 years in Kilchoan, and now downsizing to a small flat, we have a huge amount to get rid of. Some we're selling - prices negotiable - like....

APC Battery Back-Ups for power cuts and surges, two, bought August '16 and Feb '15 - £20 each

Single bed, with headboard and drawers under - £35

Inflatable double mattress with electric pump - £8

Bisley 15-drawer metal filing cabinet - £50

Dehumidifier, hardly used - £40

Drain rods and chimney brush - £10

Office chair, good quality, swivel - £25

B&W laser printer - £5

....but we also have plenty of things just looking for a good home, like A4 ring binders, picture frames, glass kitchen storage jars (various sizes), glasses, crockery....

We can be contacted on 293.


  1. Love of community.
    Engaging prose.
    Services to Ardnamurchan.

  2. Jon
    Thank you for all your pictures, comments on community and shipping and wildlife. I shall miss you daily updates.
    I think we met a couple of weeks ago - we were walking along Ormsaigbeg on Friday 28th July and we passed greetings - you were sitting outside your house. We had just arrived at Church House for our annual stay. I wish you all the best for the future.

  3. Thankyou for the diary. It has been my first port of call for many years. I can't begin to tell you how much joy it has given me to see your wonderful photos and hear about your walks and wildlife.

  4. I'm genuinely saddened that you won't be continuing the Diary. Although we've never met, I look at the Diary at least once every day and use it as a reminder of my favourite place in the world.

    I wish you and Mrs Diary all the best, Jon, and hope you'll be happy in your new home. Thanks so much for what you have given us, your readers.


    1. I agree-it feels like losing a friend although we've never met!
      Thank you for giving us all a lovely glimpse of Kilchoan every day. Good luck and thank you

  5. We met in May when we were staying in Portuairk and I remember hoping that you would be there for a long while yet! Your diary has been such a wonderful source of information and pleasure - we will miss it enormously as we miss Ardnamurchan enormously. I hope the move goes well and that the future is good to you both. Thank you so much for the Diary, Lynn & Steve

  6. As a seasider from north Ayrshire I love reading the Diary band I truly will miss your very interesting posts. It's a little escape from the daily routine which I give thanks for. I wish you and Mrs Diary all the very best for the future, wherever that takes you x

  7. Jon, when you are even older and a bit more grey than now, I hope you realise what a wonderful impact you have had on so many lives. You are leaving an unfillable hole behind.
    Peter C

  8. I would just like to say a big THANKYOU, a few years ago I came across a a blog called A Kilchoan Diary . I read it everyday and had to go to this place called Ardnamurchan.It is the most beautiful ,peaceful place I have ever been and have been there every year since. So once again thankyou.I will miss the diary so much, have a happy and peaceful "retirement".Kev from Kent.

  9. Although I knew that your move would be forthcoming once the house was sold (and this is the first I knew that it had been) -- I'm truly sad that you are moving. I've looked at the Kilchoan community -- and out to the Hebrides through your eyes and lens with such pleasure for so many years as have so many others. Bon voyage to the next venue and thanks for the photos and the memories. Best wishes to all, and thanks.

  10. Like others have said, thank you for all your efforts over the years to keep people informed of life and activities in West Ardnamurchan. I shall miss my daily visit to your page. Good luck to you and your family for the future.

  11. Thanks Jon and Mrs. Diary. You have given us untold joy and insight into the homeland of our ancestors. They may have left Ormsaigbeg on a clearance ship in 1854 we have visited daily via the blog for the past five years and will miss the content and contact. The story of the Mingary Castle refurbishment was brilliant. Go well, and the Edradour distillery is well worth a visit and tasting. Cheers Liz & Bruce, Inverleigh Australia

  12. I will certainly miss your endless energy and curiosity wrt to nature, history and the uniqueness of the Ardnamuchan peninsular, as will the community I am sure. I wish you all the best in your next endeavour. May your health stay with you and your family.

  13. Thanks very much for keeping me connected to Ardnamurchan. I've followed your diary since my first visit to the area in August 2014, and my last just a few months later. I have enjoyed reading it and I'll be sad to see it stop but I wish yourself and Mrs Diary luck!
    I can't wait to visit the area again.

  14. Like others we have unfortunately never met. You have however succeeded in offering a unique and intelligent perspective of life in one of the most truly wonderful places. I will truly miss the diary. Our best wishes to you and Mrs Diary in your new project. Thank you.

  15. Jon, as an annual visitor to Ardnamurchan the diary has been a mine of useful info and a daily reminder of what we're missing when we're not there. Best wishes for the future to you and your good lady. Hope you are happy in your new home, and thanks once again for providing much info and entertainment through the years.

  16. Glad to hear your plans are going well. Sad as I will miss my daily dose of the diary. Brought back memories of holidays at Our caravan at Shielbridge and inspired a visit last year to climb Resipol, a mountain I first climbed aged 11. Onwards and upwards, mike

  17. Just wanted to join all your other regulars to say how much I've enjoyed your blog and wonderful photos - always the first site to visit when the computer goes on. Any chance of one of your contributors doing an occasional Kilchoan blog, just to keep Ardnamurchan on our screens? All the best for your move, I hope you'll be really happy in your new home

  18. Thank you so much for the diary Jon, you will be sorely missed, it's been a daily treat for years. The very best to you and Mrs Diary, but please tell me you're not going into a small flat! Going into a flat from anywhere is the worst move anyone can make, the beginning of the end, don't do it! The best of luck to you both, hope you'll be happy wherever you are.

  19. I echo all that's been said. What will I do without my daily fix of all things Ardnamurchan?! Have followed your blog for several years & enjoyed keeping in touch with one of our favourite places. We first came to Glenborrodale in 1989 & have been regular visitors ever since, mainly to Kilchoan with our last trip a couple of years ago. Looking forward to returning again. Thanks for all the wonderful photos & stories, not forgetting of course your wonderful account of the restoration of Mingary Castle. All the very best to you & Mrs Diary. You'll be sorely missed. End of an Era indeed!

  20. From across the pond, in Putney, Vermont, I bid you and your family, "Safe journeys!" Since first discovering your Kilchoan diary I have hoped to return to Ardnamurchan, having only seen it briefly from the seat of a bicycle back in the 70's. And some day, soon I trust, I will. But, alas, you will not be there. I have held a fantasy that we would meet and you would consent to have me accompany you on one of your walks through the hills. Yet, the lasting legacy of your diary is that I could wander the hills alone and never be lost. Kilchoan feels like my second home and its residents nearly family.

    Farewell and fare well, Jim Robinson

  21. Thank you Jon for the years of tireless blogging, keeping us up to date with the comings and goings, objects of interest and the lives of wonderful people. We have all learned of the landscape, history, wildlife and geology and how they are to live along side. We all wish for two lives, one to do the important day to day work but one to escape and live our dreams. You have been that second life for us and have refreshed our days, usually along-side our morning cuppas. You and dear Gill are wished every blessing in your future endeavours and hope that with the internet, maps and if possible, a continued blog, you will still be able to research and comment on the land you know so well (but without the pigs).

  22. Feel so very sad. Your diary is the first thing I read every morning and I check on it last thing at night. You have made lots of people very happy keeping us all informed of your adventures in the hills and on the shores of the beautiful beaches. I wish you and your family the very best for the future. It won't be the same though. God Bless. Anne Pollard

  23. I have enjoyed visiting your blog for the past few years. Your photos and words brought to life a beautiful place far-removed from my home in Florida. I don't recall how I found your blog, but I'm so very glad I did! Best wishes!

  24. I am so sad to learn that you are ending the Diary. I have followed it for years sitting here in California and dreaming of my beloved Scotland. Thank you for all the beautiful photos, vicarious walks, and thoughtful commentary. I hope your new home brings you as much pleasure as you have given me.

  25. Hi Jon
    Its sad to hear your are leaving. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have found where my Great grandfather lived before he came to Australia (the twins house). You helped filled in the missing pieces of information in my research and putting me in touch with Moira Fisher and made many people happy in Australia. It was a pleasure to meet you last December. I constantly read your blog.
    Good luck in your next adventure.
    Regards Darryl Mcphee.

  26. Hi Darryl,
    I saw your comment on the blog, and your surname caught my eye.
    My great grandmother was a Nisbet who lived in Kilchoan. I have an old photo of Colin, Gladys and Duncan McPhee (possibly taken c. 1900??) who are said to be second cousins of my grandmother's. I have not discovered where they fit on the family tree. I am assuming they may have come from Ardnamurchan. Is there any connection to your family/ancestors?
    Miriam (Dublin)