Wednesday, 16 August 2017


It doesn't snow here much but, on the rare occasions on which we have enough for the snow to lie....

....the landscape is transformed.

My impression is that it has snowed much less in recent winters. In the days when we had the shop, I can remember the community being cut off, the main problem being located, as always, at 'the back of the ben'.  This picture was taken in 2009.

As always, it's the play of light - such a feature of this place - that makes a snowy landscape so special. This photo looks across Kilchoan township to the land around the cleared township of Skinnid and, on the left, the forestry on Beinn nan Losgann.

Snow on distant hills is more common but, again, it's the light that makes a picture. This view is across the mouth of Loch Sunart to Auliston Point on Morvern, beyond which is the Sound of Mull and the pyramid shape of Beinn Tallaidh on Mull.


  1. Diary still providing stunning shots of breathtaking beauty. (We were rather hoping you might have made continuation of the blog a condition of sale for the house, but it wouldn't have been too easy to find anyone to come anywhere near you both as intrepid explorers or writer-up of all that you have seen.) Huge thanks - it's been a joy to follow each day over the years - and we wish you all the very best for all to come.
    (RB/LB from the IOW).

  2. Little green boat17 August 2017 at 19:31

    Jon, in past decades there always seemd to be a week or so of snowy weather in West Lochaber. Real cold has definitely become a rare event more recently. A lifetime ago at Christmas time I recall being high on the hill above Rahoy. There, alerted by a sudden thump in the crystal cold air, we watched as the thick ice cover on the completely frozen surface of Loch Teacuis cracked right across. A wooden motor boat, moored off the big house,forged its own path through the drifting ice sheets as the solid ice sheet moved north in the tide. The moving ice cut a notch at least 3/4 inch deep into the stem of a moored motor boat, leaving a waterline ring of bare wood showing through the red boot top paint. That week icicles 6 foot long graced the road sides along upper Loch Sunart. Winters seem a lot different now.