Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Yet Another Gale

The Tobermory ferry was running normally first thing this morning but by the time it came to its 11.00am sailing from Tobermory it nipped across and turned straight round, knowing that the forecast was for an already force 7 wind to rise above gale force soon after midday.

Gale force winds are supposed to stay with us for all today and into tomorrow afternoon, with a few lulls along the way. The wise ones on land have settled down at home to wait it out.

Despite all the rain, the burns remain surprisingly low. This is the Millburn today, near its mouth, with two of the croft houses in Kilchoan in the centre of the picture. The rate of runoff from the hills is incredibly fast, so the burns rise quickly after heavy rain and fall again as quickly.

The meteorological chart - this is from the Met Office, here - shows a succession of lows heading across the Atlantic. The nastiest, marked as L969, veered north from us and gave Iceland one of the biggest storms for 25 years.

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