Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A Message to the Community

I have been asked to put the following on the Diary by Lynne - whom many readers will know from the time she worked at the shop - and Tony Prewett:

"We wish you all a very happy Christmas and an extra long hangover on 1st January 2016.

"For us this Christmas and New year will be very bitter-sweet as we may be leaving soon in the New Year.

"The pull of our family has got the better of us, and the eleven hour road journey every time we visit them is getting hard work. Not seeing our sons is and always has been hard for us, so adding on to that our grandchildren, who are growing up too quickly, we feel it's time to move. However, we will be back, as we have made some very good friends that we will miss very much.

"Take care, and God bless you all."


  1. Hi Lynne and Tony ,sorry to hear that you are leaving .All the best you will be missed ES

  2. I will also miss Lynne. I enjoyed saying hello in the shop. I also remember buying one of her frozen dinners. It was a venison casserole I think - probably February 2012. It was a good vintage - delicious with oven chips and peas. She missed a trick there, M&S would have snapped them up. It would nice to see her again in Kilchoan one day.

    1. Really pleased you enjoyed your venison casserole.
      We will miss everyone. The regular holiday makers along with all of the locals who I used to torment the life out of in the shop. x

  3. So sorry to hear you're have always been more than welcoming to Graham,Abbie and I in the 9 years we've been coming to Kilchoan.Sheena Niven xx