Saturday, 19 December 2015

High Winds

We enjoyed an exhilarating walk this morning along the rocky shoreline from the beach below our house westwards towards Sron Bheag. The wind was a southerly, gusting to gale force, and the air temperature a balmy 14C. This picture looks eastwards, towards Shore Cottage (left) and some of the houses of Kilchoan.

The wind speed was at the point where, had it been any stronger, it would have been blowing us off our feet.  Despite the scudding clouds, it didn't rain, though the camera kept getting soaked by driving spray.

We ended the walk peering over the cliffs at the beach which nestles at the base of Sron Bheag, where the sea was a boiling maelstrom.

The North Atlantic is a frighteningly angry ocean at the moment, as is graphically illustrated by this clip from Cameron Beccario's superb website - here. As can be seen, the southerly winds are drawing up air from the Canary Islands, so little wonder that they're so warm.

The forecast is for these southerlies to drop overnight and then build to gale force again throughout the daylight hours tomorrow.

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