Sunday, 6 December 2015

Vegetation Strip

This picture, taken back in June, was sent to me by Dave King who writes, "While walking the track from Port Eigin-aig to Fascadale, I noticed a very strange strip of vegetation which was quite different in colour to that on either side, and especially noteworthy due to the straight edges. It was running away from the track to the northeast, but I have to admit that I am not absolutely certain whether it was the slopes of Meall Eigin-aig, or those of Meall Buidhe Beag."

When the picture was sent to him, landscape architect Dave Brown wrote back, "The strip is likely to be geological, an outcrop of different character. A floristics transect across the feature would probably be quite revealing - variation in species composition. Probably more pronounced due to autumnal colouring. Must have a look when I am back up in January."

Look slike a good excuse for a long walk on a sunny January day.

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