Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Maclean's Nose Harvest Begins

For the last ten days two of the larger well boats, the Ronja Atlantic (above) and the Ronja Commander (below) have been harvesting the cages at Marine Harvest's new Maclean's Nose fish farm. There were times when both ships were standing off waiting to load, and the process has continued despite some fairly lively weather.

It hardly seems a moment since the first fish arrived, yet manager Rosie Curtis says, "We started with three quarters of million fish at Maclean's Nose, and will be harvesting through till June. Each well boat takes about 20,000 fish at a time, and so far we have put out 100,000 lovely salmon. We are hoping for a average weight of 5kg per fish for the whole site."

Many thanks to Rosie for the information.

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