Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Business as Usual

As so often happens, Storm Frank wasn't as bad as predicted, although a gust of 72mph was reported by Dominic Cooper on the more sheltered Swordle side of the peninsula, and one of 71mph by Sue Cheadle at Sanna. On the exposed southern side, although high tides accompanied the storm - picture shows Lochan nan Al by the shop this morning - the main damage seems to have been to polytunnels and to the internet, which has stopped working at several properties.

This place is very accustomed to storms and heavy rain - we had a further 36mm over the last twenty-four hours - so this morning everyone was going about their business very much as usual.

With the worst of the storm over we took a walk at Sanna, where one large shed had been blown on its side. The picture shows some of the houses in Lower Sanna with sheep sheltering from the wind and rain and, in front of them, some ducks enjoying a paddle in a puddle.

With the wind still in the southeast the waves at Sanna weren't spectacular, the main problem being the heavy showers which made taking pictures challenging, and the occasional....

....strong gusts of wind, some towards gale force, which blew stinging rain in one's face.

A unusual number of small waders were gathered along the tideline, mainly ringed plovers but including these two, which I take to be turnstones, one of which, despite the rain, was intent on taking a bath in one of the burns which runs across the beach.

The one group of birds which seem to revel in a storm are the gulls. Perhaps the fierce conditions at sea bring more food in for them, but I think that, being such acrobatic masters of the sky, they just enjoy the fun of a gale.

Many thanks to Sue and Dominic for weather reports.

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