Saturday, 5 December 2015

Barn Owl

From The Raptor:
[The Raptor has been stalking a barn owl for some weeks]
I got it at last! On last night's wet and very windy night after 11pm I decided to take Callan out for a bit of fresh air and took my camera just in case that barn owl was out and about in the atrocious weather.

And as soon as I got to the end of the lane straight into the beam of my head torch he came. Now I suppose it was the owl's intent on catching some food to get it through this wild night but he was more than happy to carry on scanning the ground at the foot of his post, keeping a wary eye on the both of us all the time....

....but allowing me to get to within 15 feet of him. The quality of the pics is not great but neither were the conditions I was trying to take them in.

Congratulations to The Raptor for some super pictures in very difficult conditions.

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  1. The Raptor should be extremely pleased with these photos, all things considered. The bottom one is fantastic - just look at all those raindrops on the feathers. Magical. Such beautiful birds.