Monday, 7 December 2015

More Weather

Overnight, the wind backed from west through to southeast and picked up, so that by this morning we had a force 6 blowing straight onto the Ormsaigbeg shore. But the rising wind didn't bring rain, so a walk along the coast to the west of our house offered a hour's exciting entertainment.

Depending on the height of the tide and the set of the wind, the breakers find different places in which to smash themselves into a foam. The geyser effect visible at top right of this picture is where....

....the waves come straight in to a narrow fissure formed where the sea has exploited a weakness in the rocks.

The wind eased a little towards lunch time, but the forecast is for it to pick up again during the late afternoon, increasing until we have a full gale, still from the southeast.

There's very little in the way of shipping in the Sound. The Norwegian live fish carrier Gripfisk passed around  midday making fair speed with the wind dead astern, but all but one of CalMac's sailings along the west coast have been affected, including the Kilchoan-Tobermory route.


  1. As us Essex Boys say - nice picture geezer!
    Jon you should publish a calendar with some of your photos. Fabulous.
    Peter C

  2. Kind words, Peter - thank you. I did think of a calendar, but the print costs made them terribly expensive. Jon