Friday, 11 December 2015


Over yesterday and today the wind has moved round into the west and eased, and the almost incessant horizontal deluge has been replaced by heavy showers, some, like the one shown over Ben Hiant in the above photograph, bringing thunder, lightning and hail. Between the showers there have been some brilliant sunny intervals, when the colours in the sodden croft fields seemed to glow.

This picture, taken from Ormsaigmore, shows Kilchoan's 800-year old St Comghan's church with Glas Bheinn rising behind it. Given some sunshine and the clearness of the air - it has been very thoroughly washed - the hills above the croft land are filled with warm browns and golds, the colours coming from the dying bracken and heather.

Each time there's a break in the showers swarms of small birds descend on our feeders. We have never before seen so many chaffinches, but at one moment we had eight yellowhammers amongst them - there's one in the right foreground of the picture. Towards the top left can be seen our male blackcap, enjoying exclusive use of the sultana feeder.


  1. John MacGillivray11 December 2015 at 21:27

    I think we all should thank The people responsible for getting funding for OLD CHURCH in OLD GRAVEYARD and for arranging to get work done.And a Big Thank You for your time and effort.

  2. Your kind words much appreciated, John. Jon