Saturday, 19 December 2015

Lyrawa Bay

Many thanks indeed to Chris and Charlie who identified the un-named ship in yesterday's 'Ships in the Sound' post. It's the Lyrawa Bay, and readers will understand my frustration from the above blown-up photo, where most but not all the name could be read.

Chris also sends this information about her from the Mallaig Harbour website - here:

"The Lyrawa Bay, built in 1970 as a Faroese ferry, has recently been acquired by Greig Milligan of Milligan Transport to complement their existing vessel Spanish John II.

"The vessel, originally named Sam by its Faroese owners, was sold by them in 1976 to the Orkney Islands Shipping Co., renamed Lyrawa Bay, and continued to work as an inter-island ferry.

"In 1991 it was sold and subsequently extensively rebuilt to fit into its new role as a fish farm work boat."

Lyrawa Bay is on the east coast of the Orkney island of Hoy.

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