Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Recycling Skip

We've been asking for a way of recycling plastic for some time, so it was very good to see this skip arrive opposite the Fire Station. However, while it has some pictures on the side to show what is and isn't permitted in the skip, these aren't totally clear, so I went onto the Highland Council website where they describe each of their recycling banks, but the Kilchoan one - here - didn't mention the new skip.  However, when I clicked the "Is there anything wrong with this page?" link and left a message, I received an immediate response. The Kilchoan page has now been updated, but there is also....

 ....a .pdf leflet which gives details, from which these two clips are taken. It also clarifies what should and shouldn't go in our blue boxes.

Understandably, since rubbish is, by its nature, messy, they stress that anything we put in should be reasonably clean.

The full leaflet can be downloaded from Dropbox here.

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