Thursday, 10 December 2015

Mr. & Mrs. Blackcap

It was so good to see a male blackcap enjoying the sultanas that we decided to move the feeder away from the milling madhouse of chaffinches, so we made the blackcap his own private shelf. The sultanas have been around for ages, and none of the birds have shown a great deal of interest.

Then, yesterday, the female blackcap returned. It hasn't been ideal weather for the pair - the first picture was taken as the male was almost blown off the shelf by a gust of wind - and the female had to be quite firm with the chaffinches who kept being blown uncontrollably past her.

We were just beginning to think that we would have a couple of different birds in the garden feeding on their own private food supply when.... of the blackbirds decided that she, too, liked sultanas.

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