Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Ducks Chase Eagle

We've often seen both golden and sea eagles being chased by smaller birds, but they're usually things like buzzards, crows or gulls. This picture caught a sea eagle, which was flying low along the Ormsaigbeg shore, apparently being chased by ducks.

Sadly it's too distant a shot for the type of duck to be identified, but the most common duck around here at the moment is wigeon.


  1. The ducks do look like wigeon, on the males you can just make out the white wing flashes, I cant think what else they would be? Wildfowl wouldnt mob a bird of prey, they will have been flushed as it flew past and are about to over take it by the look of things !

  2. Here in central Minnesota I often see smaller birds chasing the local Cooper's and Redtail hawks, but I was astonished this afternoon in central Minnesota to see a pair of mallards unmistakeably veer in flight and begin chasing a low-flying bald eagle. I would never have believed it.