Thursday, 3 December 2015

Changes at the Recycling Point

The long-promised skip has arrived at the recycling point by the Kilchoan Fire Station. It's a great addition to our facilities because, as well as taking....

....all the things that can go in our blue home-recycling boxes - paper of various types, card, food packs such as tetrapaks, and tins, including aerosols - it also takes, for the first time, various types of plastic. This includes plastic bottles, pots and trays.

We've recently had smart new bottle banks, and we continue to have a clothes bank, though this has encountered problems because people don't put the material into plastic bags before dumping it. A wide variety of other items can be left for recycling at the recycling point about a mile out of Kilchoan along the Sonachan/Portuairk road, which is open every Wednesday from 12 midday to 2.00pm.

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