Monday, 2 February 2015

The Ormsaigbeg Stag

This is the first video of a red deer stag which has been coming into the Ormsaigbeg croft fields for at least a year.  Having been spotted at night by several passing motorists, a trail camera was set up in one of the fields, but it took nearly a fortnight to capture this very wary beast.

Next thing, he'll be in our garden.  He was worried by the light from the camera: does anyone know of a machine that will keep him away from our vegetables?


  1. Great idea! They'll fertilise the vegetables at the same time. Jon

  2. We have a 2m wall to keep them off our veg but if we lived where you do we would have at least a deer fence around our garden. The added advantage would be that it works for pigs as well!!