Monday, 2 February 2015

Dead Calm

Sunrise came in pretty pinks but didn't last, being replaced with a sky of uniform grey.  The wind having finally dropped after what has seemed like weeks of constant battering, the temperature under the last night's clear skies fell below zero which...,

....on top of another dusting of overnight snow, gave some nasty conditions on the roads.  We've seen much less snow at this end of the peninsula than the eastern end, which has seen heavy falls over the past few days.

In the latter part of the morning the sun came out, the temperature soared to a balmy 7C, and we enjoyed a fine, almost spring-like day.  Picture shows greylag geese below the Ormsaigbeg croft fields, with Glas Eilean at the other side of Kilchoan Bay and the snow-covered hills of Morvern in the distance.

Low tide at the slipway revealed the extent of damage to its surface.  The slipway is maintained by the West Ardnamurchan Jetty Association, a small group of dedicated volunteers for whom finding money for projects like this has always been very difficult.

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