Thursday, 19 February 2015

Lysblink Seaways Floats Off!

At about nine this evening, the Lysblink Seaways floated gently off the rocks and began to drift towards Mingary Castle.  Fortunately, Forth Jouster (right in picture) was on hand and able to catch her before another disaster occurred.  The many people who were down in Kilchoan to deal with this emergency were away, having their dinner or whatever.  The only people on duty at the Pier were the local policeman and members of Kilchoan Coastguard.

She is reported to be holed in no less than nine places, but the news is that she does not appear to be taking in water.  The Kingdom of Fife has now arrived, and the Lysblink Seaways has had anchors set so she shouldn't drift further.

If there are questions to answer about what took this ship onto the rocks, not there are lots more about how, with top salvage teams on duty, she managed to drift away from under their noses.


  1. ye ha ist it magic the power of a rising tide on the west coast congratulation Kilchoan well done Jon Haylett more photo,s and news please .

  2. Extreme range of tides this weekend, probably why she floated off herself !!! I've seen a few small 'islands' around the coast that you could have walked out to :-)