Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sliding Roads

After the major landslip on the hillside above the road at Ardslignish brae last April, which is now held back by rocks, we had a slip along the road above Camas nan Geall earlier this winter.  This is the road beyond the Sonachan, on the way to the lighthouse, which seems to the latest section of local roads to have caught the sliding disease.  It's just beyond a section of road under which a burn runs, where the culvert was repaired last year.

It may be that the burn is now running against the bank below the road, undermining it.  It's certainly very dangerous, as it's a busy section of road, particularly once the visitors start arriving, and any car which goes into it will tumble down the bank into the burn.  So far, the Council's response has been to guard it with a cone.

On the subject of Council repairs to the roads, one reader has written in bemoaning the repair to the bridge on the Kilchoan side of Camas nan Geall, where a stone wall has been replaced by a concrete parapet and galvanised iron railing.  I agree with him that it certainly isn't beautiful, but at least, in these days of stringent budgets, the bridge was repaired.

Many thanks to Out&About for the first two pictures, and to BC for the bridge picture.

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