Saturday, 14 February 2015

Spring Arrives

Kilchoan Early Bird's comment yesterday about the weather, "Getting like spring" was, of course, right.  Today we woke to a thin mist and a hard frost - photo shows the land immediately to the west of the Beinn nan Logan forestry - which quickly cleared.... give us a warm, cloudless day, with temperatures soaring to 12C and only a light southeasterly breeze.  This picture shows the rock promontory that the 1806 Bald map marks as Guraban and, to the left, Achateny beach, with Eigg and Rum in the distance.

We were at Achateny with the Ardnamurchan Community Archaeology group, mapping the buildings of the abandoned township. A watching meadow pipit sang to us as we worked.

When we arrived home the 'artificial' heather, which has been in flower in our front garden through most of the winter, was covered in honey bees.  Spring has definitely arrived.

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  1. We continue to get snow here in the mitten and the wind chill will be -25 today. Brrrrr. Spring is a ways off for us.