Friday, 27 February 2015

Lysblink Seaways - MCA Press Release

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency issued the following press release today:

Preparations for towing Lysblink Seaways to a repair facility continue.

The vessel remains anchored at Scallastle Bay in the Sound of Mull while discussions about moving her are held.

Svitzer Salvage has a team on board 24 hours a day as part of the preparations to tow her to a repair facility.

The owners are in discussion with ship repairers at a number of locations and as soon as the final destination has been confirmed a passage plan will be agreed.

A temporary exclusion zone of 100 metres remains in place.

The Scottish Environment Group continues to monitor events and is supporting the work being done.


  1. I am fed up hearing about the Lybslink give it a rest it was a shambles from start to finish and that includes the salvage team, the ship floated off at high tide and the so called experts were not on the scene , where were they someone should have given them a tide table, I have lived here all my life and if someone coughs it is a major drama

    1. Please do remember, Anonymous, that reading the Diary is not under-written by statute. For the vast majority of us Diary followers who aren't so fortunate as you who live in the area, we follow all events in the Diary with avid interest and look forward to its content, each and every day. Keep writing, Jon.


    2. 100% agree Richard.

  2. Thanks Jon, for keeping us up to date with all the news as the last comment said we don't all live there, and as we have a interest in the place it's nice to read what is going on, keep up the good work . By the way how is Hughie's pig empire doing. All the best Terry.

  3. Couldn't agree more (with Richard's comment and those following).

    RB & LB.

  4. The photos and reporting has been of great interest. It is fortunate that the vessel refloated rather than tearing its bottom out and possibly being wrecked. No doubt the salvors wish to maximise their fee but at the end of the day all involved should be praised for the careful management of the incident which has had almost no detrimental impact. SteveP

  5. Thanks for all the updates about the Lysblink, as well as the accompanying photographs . It was interesting reading the perspective of someone geographically close to what was happening in such a well written blog.